7 Reasons to paint your homes interior

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7 Reasons to paint your homes interior

Getting ready to sell

This is one of the main reasons home owners decide to do interior painting. Northern Virginia is a high-flux area and many residents just don’t stay for very long before moving to a new home. A new coat of paint, base coloring or new trending colors will make home interiors look much more clean and appealing to possible buyers. Countless articles on the web detail how a new coat of paint will sell a home quicker and for a better price. As with all other things including remodeling – why wait until you have to move before enjoying a fresh home interior?

Getting ready to rent

Newly painted homes rent quicker and at higher prices. At times renters can really make a mess of things. Its a general rule of thumb to re-paint after one set of renters has left. Many times the carpet will need replacement as well. This will prepare the rental room or home for the next, and better renters that are sure to move in.

Damage or staining

Another good reason to repaint is if a wall was damaged or had something spilled on it which caused permanent staining. This can include nail pops, holes, breaks and cracks are all repaired as part of the painting prep process. A painter worth his/her salt will neatly patch these areas before applying a coat of paint. Many stained or damaged rooms will need a 3rd coat of either regular paint or a primer such as kilz. Many times what will happen is the original paint color will no longer be available for that particular wall so sometimes its better to give the whole area a facelift.

Its been over 5 years

Colors and trends fade quickly. Shag rugs and yellow walls are long gone. If its been 5+ years since the last paint job, chances are the colors and themes are outdated. Also, dirt, spider webs, general fading and other environmental factors can cause walls to appear unsightly. Most paints have a warranty period, after that its a free-for-all. Its surprising how a simple coat of paint will bring a room right back to life and make that space enjoyable again.

Recent remodel

Remodeling, demo, new lighting and other construction projects can not only cause damage to adjacent walls but they can completely throw off the color scheme of a living space. Granite counter tops, cabinets, trim and other colored features will have an impact on the wall coloring and the general feel of an area. New lighting can cause a room to look completely different.  Many times this was not considered before hand, and so now home owners have a good excuse to repaint an area, add accent walls, and enhance the look of their home.

New carpeting or flooring

This goes along with the new construction idea with one caveat. Walls can be painted without all the hassle of having to tape, drop cloth or otherwise protect flooring. Before replacing flooring or carpet is a great time to repaint.

Feeling “blah”

Its probably time to updated the look of the home. Nothing changes and refreshes an interior like remodeling. After that, its painting. Some may argue the reverse but its face it, you cant beat granite counter tops and stainless steal appliances. Accent walls are a wonderful addition and can really make a room pop and look completely different. Whether its a general repainting of similar colors, or completely different set of tones, its worth noting that even applying the same color to walls will make a noticeable difference. Over time its difficult to notice the gradual fading of wall color but once a new coat or color has been applied, it will make you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.




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